When I Get Home

and today was a day just like any other...
22. college. NYC
hopeless romantic.
What you must understand about me is that I’m a deeply unhappy person. (private blog) ask for the password and you just might get it.
Get to know me! =]

this afternoon will consist of reading and doing all of the homework i need to complete.

  1. media discussion post
  2. sports psychology quiz
  3. american voices post
  4. science fiction paper
  5. science fiction post

i will finish season 4 of the walking dead, watch some episodes of bob’s burgers, watch the episode of arrow that i missed, watch the episode of awkward that i missed, and probably watch the movie life as we knew it.

i will also read a lot more (and possibly even finish) every day by david leviathan. TODAY IS GONNA BE EPIC!