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and today was a day just like any other...
22. graduate. teacher. NYC
hopeless romantic.
What you must understand about me is that I’m a deeply unhappy person. (private blog) ask for the password and you just might get it.
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just rewatched the episode when Allison died and I cried just as much again.



With only a few days left to donate (the last day to donate is Saturday the 30th! Don’t forget!) we would like to give you another update… 
We are currently at $2600 that you all have donated for this project! That’s $2600 that will go entirely to the charity The Jed Foundation! We are already blown away and we do not know how to express our thanks properly! This fandom is amazing and we will be sure to let Tyler know what his fans have accomplished! 
But what do you think… $2600… could we get to $3000 by Saturday? You have to admit that that would be a pretty sweet number to present Tyler with! 
So if you haven’t donated yet and would like to? (And have the means, of course, because we understand not everyone has money to spare) Now would be the time! Do not miss the deadline! 
And don’t forget to signal boost this post! It might encourage some of your followers to make a donation as well! 
As a little side-note: All of the winners of our auction have been contacted. So if you’ve won but haven’t received an email from us, then something went wrong. In that case, please contact us (Tumblr ask or email) and we will send it to you again! 
Again, thank you so much to everyone that has donated already! 

$2900, with only one day left to donate! Tomorrow, Saturday, is the last day to donate, so if you still want to participate, now is the time! Don’t forget, all the money goes to the amazing charity The Jed Foundation. And no doubt it’ll also bring a big smile to Tyler’s face. :) 
We’re so close to those $3000. Can we make it? We sure hope so! Spread the word!